Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Moral Victory

Came in 8th in the Garthmeister Invitational WWdN tonight. I feel this almost as good as winning it given the insane card deadness I experienced. I am happy in particular with my patience, but boy was that adventures in fold'em.

I managed to survive essentially by betting occasionally with nothing and getting fair number of folds from those paying attention enough to realize I was playing almost nothing.

In 200 hands:

I had 11 pairs, which is just below the expected, but I had exactly 1 pair over 77, and 6 pairs that were 33s or 22s.

I had only 10 suited direct connectors, and only twice was the hand strong enough to play for a raise (AKs) or in a proper situation for calling (T9, managed to win with 2 pair on that one).

Of the 10 aces 10 or bigger (including the bullet once), 6 were AJ or AT.

Most frequent hands: KTo and 74o each 5 times, K6o, JTo, 33, K2o, AJo, Q4o, QTs each 4 times.

Oh, the AA? UTG for a 3x bet, folded around (I don't blame 'em).

Here's the full ugliness:

starting_hand times_dealt win_pct amt_won
AA 1 100 450
AKs 1 100 840
AKo 1 100 250
AQs 1 100 30
AJo 4 25 650
ATo 2 0 0
A9o 2 50 225
A8s 1 100 450
A7o 3 0 -55
A6o 1 100 210
A5s 1 100 160
A5o 1 100 850
A4s 2 0 -400
A4o 2 0 0
A2o 3 0 -100
KQo 1 100 45
KJo 1 0 -225
KTs 2 0 -25
KTo 5 20 100
K9s 2 50 50
K9o 2 0 0
K8o 2 0 -25
K7o 3 0 -100
K6s 2 0 0
K6o 4 0 -25
K5o 1 0 0
K4s 1 0 0
K4o 2 0 -75
K3s 2 0 0
K3o 1 0 0
K2s 1 0 0
K2o 4 0 -75
QJo 1 100 800
QTs 4 0 -450
QTo 2 0 -20
Q9o 3 0 -25
Q8s 1 0 -80
Q7s 3 66.67 -1550
Q5o 3 0 -50
Q4s 1 0 -10
Q4o 4 0 -700
Q3o 2 50 325
Q2o 1 0 -200
JTo 4 0 -475
J9o 2 0 -25
J8o 1 100 400
J7o 3 0 -50
J6o 2 0 0
J5o 2 0 -80
J3o 2 0 -10
J2s 1 0 -25
J2o 1 0 0
T9s 3 33.33 385
T9o 3 0 -425
T8s 1 0 0
T6s 2 50 100
T6o 2 0 -75
T5o 2 0 -25
T4o 2 0 -25
T3s 1 0 -100
T2o 1 0 0
98o 2 0 0
97o 1 0 0
96o 1 0 -50
95o 3 0 -150
94o 1 0 0
93o 3 0 -225
92s 1 0 0
92o 3 0 -50
87o 3 0 -200
85s 1 0 0
85o 1 0 0
84o 3 0 -150
83o 3 0 -45
82o 2 0 0
77 1 100 525
76s 1 0 0
76o 3 0 -405
75o 1 0 0
74o 5 20 -225
73s 2 0 0
73o 2 0 -25
72s 2 50 70
72o 1 0 -25
66 2 0 -25
65s 1 0 0
64o 1 0 0
63o 1 0 0
62s 1 0 -125
62o 3 0 -450
54s 2 0 0
54o 3 0 -125
53o 2 0 -75
52o 2 0 0
44 1 0 -60
43s 2 0 -150
43o 3 0 -225
33 4 0 -75
32o 2 0 -50
22 2 0 0
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rolled Crap

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quote of Note

SoxLover to SoxWife: "You know it baby, I'm the best man on earth for you!"

SoxWife to SoxLover: "You're right. I want another planet damn it!"

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thoughts on the Pure Bluff

Prelude: update on poker life, skip next 4 paragraphs if you don’t give a crap how I have been running. Also, fun new donkey hand at the way bottom apropos of nothing.

It's been a while since I posted, in part I must admit because June started out pretty poorly. First, I had a rough night at that off-the-hook club that I will continue to avoid directly naming although others have taken a less reserved approach.

Not much to say about that night except top set all-in on flop going down to overcards with a nut flush draw (can't really blame him for calling me) and flush under flush plus other various flesh wounds did not balance out doubling up once with bullets over Hilton Sisters. One more bad day online, and I started June in a big hole.

I started to feel a bad streak coming on after a three month solid streak, not crushing the game but steadily profitable, had pulled me out of a massive February funk. I was determined however that if I was going to have another downswing, it was going to be variance alone that did it--I was not going to fuel the fire with bad luck inducing bad play as I have upon occasion in the past.

So I have borne down, focusing on steady winners like 100NL, continuing to dabble in Razz and Triple Draw, and, perhaps remembering my shot at blogger glory, dusting off the old stud high game. I am happy to say that last night taking 3rd in the Hoy put the last daub on my June comeback and am back in the black for the month.


This started out as an aside, but has morphed into its own post. Credit in thinking through this not particularly original formulation goes especially to Bob Ciaffone and Aaron Brown.

Pure bluffs, hands that you really only expect to win with by inducing folds, have their place, and the advantage of these hands are that they maximize leverage, that is the amount that your bet implies versus what you are really risking.

For example 6 handed, blinds at 400-800-100 with each player having around 6000.

You are first to act and open with the hammer for 2400.

You are implying a range of hands that are probably pot committed if someone comes over the top. They most likely need a pair, and a good one at that, or a big ace, to play on (say 77-AA, AK-AJ), and if they do they'll almost certainly be pushing (I realize some people will fold hands like 77-99 and AJ, but others may play hands like 55-66, AT and KQs, especially in the blinds so I think this is roughly accurate). In those cases, with the hammer (or a similar garbage hand), you will getting leverage of 6000 while risking 2400. In a random pool of 5 hands, how often will you face one of those hands?

My handy spreadsheet says 36.1% to be exact. Thus you’ll lose 2400 36.1% of the time and win 1800 the rest of the time. That’s plus 280 EV.

Conversely, with a "better" hand, such as 9T off or, even 27s (here is why this is really not the hammer), you start to edge in on pot commitment where you will have to call a re-raise, in which case your move starts to become pretty minus EV with marginal hands. Note: this will not work if you are playing too many middle hands as good opponents will increase the range of hands they’ll play back at you.

If you are already a tight player, consider this general strategy of incorporating bluffs into your play: remove a few of the worst “best” hands you’d legitimately play for an open raise in this situation and replace them with a few total garbage hands that you know you can lay down. For example, say you’ll open raise in the situation above with AA-55, AK-A8s, AK-A9o, KQ-KTs, KQ-KJo, QJs-QTs and JTs. This is tight—about 15% of your starting hands; if you substitute the bottom 2% of those hands with foldable rags, I think you will actually increase your EV. This is because when you do get raised, you are less likely to be pot committed with a dominated hand. Plus, this is in fact the free advertising Ciaffone speaks of that comes from correct play (zero extra money on advertising Bob advises, just play correctly and it will be a happy byproduct) as people will remember the garbage you played and increase the range of hands they will play back at you, which should gain you more on the 13% than it will lose you on the 2% garbage.

Here’s the kicker: even if people know you are playing this strategy, it is not correct for them to widen their play back range (though they may still do so).

(Warning: this does not apply if you overdo it and increase the total number of hands you are playing.)

And no, this is not an excuse for why you may have seen me flip over 23 offsuit late in the Hoy last night (OK, maybe it is).

Here’s one more fun donkey hand for the hell of it.

I'll call this one Christmas in June.

I'll admit I played this hand pretty aggressively (some might say donkishly), but there are a few points that might explain my play. TheKidd2006 had sat down 20 hands before and proceeded to play 65% of his hands, 35% for a pre-flop raise (as if the name wasn’t enough to raise red flags). He was similarly aggressive post flop. Putting him on very little, I slow played TPMK. In case he was on a draw (not too incredible given the two flush draws out there), I put my money where my read was. I have to admit I was making a pretty sad crying call for the last 20 with a pretty sure feeling I was beat, but as you can see, holding on to 20 with a 174 already in the pot is a pretty –EV move on these tables.

Interestingly, after this hand, I got a few more hundred hands on him at this and other tables--he was not nearly that nutso thereafter, dropping down to 22-12-3.5. Perhaps was paying into his advertising budget. He should read Mr. Ciaffone.
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Birthday Post

Today is the first anniversary of my first post on Fish Soup.

Work is crushing this week, so I'll use this as an excuse to pass off a flashback episode as new material. My favorite post from each month:

June 2005: In memory of Playstation. Playstation is the New York club where I think I got my chops, such as they are. I have fond memories of the place.

July 2005: Glory of 519. This was probably the highlight of my run at Aquarium, a classy joint opened by a classy guy with very unfortunate timing.

August 2005: Thoughts on Tilt. I'm still working on this one.

September 2005: Redemption. August was a terrible month, and winning my first win at a live tourney was one of the highlights of my poker career.

October 2005: One dark day in a month of Mondays. September was my best month ever. October was my worst. Skip this one unless you've got a bit of Schadenfreude in you.

November 2005: V's Victim. The banner is gone, thank goodness, but the shame lives on.

December 2005: WPBT.

January 2006: Pat Straight Flush! For triple-draw players, this screenshot is priceless.

February 2006: Another One Bites the Dust. New York poker scene takes another hit. First of two close calls by yours truly.

March 2006: Poker Lexicon. My attempt at increasing the commonweal.

April 2006: Sunday lovely Sunday. The day I pulled back into the black for 2006.

May 2006: Hustling Grammar. You can't make this stuff up.

Thanks to everyone who's read me and double thanks to those who've commented.
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