Tuesday, December 13, 2005

WPBT Winter Classic First Post

Recovering from overload.

Quick impressions---

Some top moments:

- Witnessing the bucolic smile on F-Train's sallow face when he worked through the 99 player field at the Sunday night Sahara tourney to take first place and unstick himself for the weekend (cracking my kings with A5 off along the way, the bastard!).

- Making a nasty little reraise move to bluff Weak Player off a big pot--not a chink in his massive take for the weekend (or even that session) but I bet he would have paid a chunk to have that one back. Hand story for a later post, maybe.

- Watching Weak Player pull a full fledged Scotty Nyugen at the 2-5 at the Wynn ("Fold now and no one gets hurt") and actually getting a call.

- Having "just a splash more" SoCo with Mr. Can't Hang in the IP penthouse, a/k/a top of the flop.

- Getting direct hand analysis advice from the guy whose book I was in the middle of reading on the trip out (thank you Russell).

- Getting Barry's autograph on my brand new WPBT hat. Starfucker? Guilty as charged.

- Capping each round of a razz hand in 2-4 Mixed with Brendon Schaefer to 6th street, sheepishly agreeing to call down the river face up with KJT76 and having him flip over a boat.

- Nearly destacking Donkey Puncher with prop bets on the color of the flop--7 red in a row.

- Squeezing out several extra bets out of FTrain on my two pair at 2-6L at the Excalibur well past bedtime. "I don't think you have it."

- Actually winning a massive kill pot in 4-8 limit with a priced in draw.

- Connecting many faces to many icons. I will list no one because I am terrible with names but I loved meeting you all.

- Reading Michael Craig's book in one go on the flight back, nothwithstanding the absolute sleep deficit I'd built up.

Some bottom moments:

- First hand of the weekend: QQ running into Gracie's AA. "Oh, you're SoxLover?" Nice introduction for her.

- Third hand of the weekend: the Rooster picking my pocket with a cruel 4 card heart board check-raise bluff off of, yet again, QQ.

- A very bad moment at the Mandalay being made aware of a much worse moment I had had at the MGM the night before. Sorry again.

- Learning the lesson at the 2-5 table that AQ suited is really not that good of a hand, once again and hopefully for the last time.

- Getting a unexpected wake up call at 7:30 A.M. on Friday morning from my rarely heard from friend now living in Abu Dhabi. "HEY MAN!" "Hi....I'm in Vegas." "Oh shit, I woke you up." "No, no, I was awake really...uhhh."

- Going out with a whimper in 74th in the main event with Q8 suited in a small blind steal overbet against AJ off.

- Waking up to go to work this morning.


At Wed Dec 14, 07:17:00 AM 2005, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Nice to finally meet ya....

At Thu Dec 15, 01:13:00 PM 2005, Blogger Daddy said...

Twas the pleasure

At Fri Dec 16, 02:09:00 PM 2005, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I told you the diff. in Vegas poker rooms and AC...now you got to see it first hand...i tell you the Taj is trash...trash!


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