Sunday, November 20, 2005


I am still in a bit a of shell shock from last week and have drastically reduced my playing time just to get my bearings. I've turned to other compulsive activities--namely Sid Meier's Civilization 4. The only thing it has going in the way of a bad beat is getting your best city taken in a surprise attack just after switching to Pacifism.

I did manage to achieve something in the poker realm however, coming in 3rd in Dr. Pauly's as of recently weekly blogger tourney's on Stars. I dinked and dodged for quite awhile, managing to avoid any really bad beats, getting a stack with a nice big blind special bottom two pair J9 that held up on a AJ9 board, winning a coin toss (AQ v jerge88's 88 (didn't catch that at the time)), getting the chip lead briefly by catching QQ versus JJ to double up against Boobie Lover taking a chip lead going into the final 3 busting out TraumaPoker with the timely appearance of aces after Waffles gave him the first kiss of death by predicting his victory.

With the chip lead again, it was 3 ways versus CJ of Up4Poker (who seems to have had a very good day) and a reader named Crossroads9. Waffles continued his voodoo magic and cursed Crossroads and me by predicting "anyone other than CJ".

CJ promptly doubled up against me with TT versus my 88, leaving each player with roughly equal stacks around 40k.

We dinked and dodged, nobody wanting to take a stand for awhile. I built up a bit of a lead again with 52K to 37k for Crossroads and 28k for CJ. Smelling a chance to eliminate the latter, I called an all in reraise with A7s. I got the coin toss I was hoping for against his 3s but they held up. That took a big chunk but I was no means out of it.

We played on and I finally busted out 3rd, getting my QTs all in against CJ's QJs. CJ then went on to keep the blogger pride and ensure Waffles maintains parity with Phil Gordon in his poker prediction doom giving.

I feel that each of the 3 final players played with proper aggression at the end at it was really a 3 way coin toss as to who won it. I would have loved to have had a better result, but I'll definitely take this.


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