Saturday, October 21, 2006

Late thoughts on the ban

A lot of stuff going in in SoxLife right now, work, vacations, and more. Posting hasn't really been a priority.

Brief thoughts on the online poker ban:

Without question, it is a spectacular example of crass politics, idiotic policy and bad law.

It is an archetypal case of a malum prohibitum, or something illegal because the statute says so, not because it is wrong in itself. The true Holy Rollers may view it differently--the few that actually believe it rather than having latched on to it for perceived pgain that is--but not for the first time in this country's history, we've let them lead the (high) horse off the track.

This is potential armageddon for the poker blogger community.


Do I really care that much?


I mean seriously, if this is the main thing that is upsetting you about our current leadership, wake the fuck up.

Can you say "interpreting" the Geneva convention.

Can you say Habeas Corpus Schmabeaus Horpus?

Doesn't bother you?

How about using mass market manipulation to start a war in the wrong place?

Mission Accomplished!!!

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?

I feel safer already.

Or even closer to your focus, how about stripping out money for port security?

Well, we can always piling on money for space age fighter planes to shoot down, well, who knows whom's threatening air force? They might be handy for taking out all those nice American F-16's we sold to Pakistan once the Islamists stage a successful coup and take over a nuclear power.)

OK this is not aimed at all of you, just those that take issue with the poker ban but support the idiots in charge otherwise.

You buy the bull, you get the horns.


Oh by the way, I personally don't think the ban will be particularly effective. People want to play, and it's just not that hard to get around. US accounts will probably be forced to move around it--I don't know if FullTilt's and Stars' position is viable against sustained attack--but we'll need to use dodgier methods and put more money underground, which is a not good thing. Eventually one can hope we'll successfully get an exception for regulated, monitored online play (I see Harrah'sOnline), with tax tracking, bigger rakes and the lot.

Frankly, I've got bigger things to worry about.

Oh by the way, can someone describe to me the hand that is good enough to call a $30 raise preflop but bad enough to fold on the flop rather than put in your last $14?
See the flop...