Saturday, June 23, 2007

Poker Blog or Baby Blog?

Yeah, it's a baby blog.
See the flop...

Friday, June 08, 2007


This blog is sorta on the ropes.

Not playing very much poker as the most beautiful girl in the world is better than hitting a one out royal draw on the river against quad aces.

That being said, I have played in Kat's donkament rebuy the last 3 weeks, winning the May 25th (first poker game after Sarah was born), coming in 5th last week (and cursing TripJax into bubbling), and chopping 1st/2nd with Kat tonight. Ok, it's a $1 rebuy, so it's only worth a few more pairs of baby shoes, but it's good fun, and for the 3 weeks, I'm in for a total of $8 versus 152 out. Somewhat insane ROI.

One thing when I do play, I am for the time being really hard to tilt. Seriously, Kat cracked my JJ with J3 tonight and I just laughed.

Reason why, look at this beauty:

Some Thanksgiving turkey, aye Mary?
See the flop...