Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wow that was fast

Won a seat at the 200+15 on Stars today in a 35+3 satellite. 3404 players. I busted out number 3389. Here's how it happened:

Blinds 10-20. Folds around to cut-off with 2710 behind, who makes it 70.

I'm in small blind, 1800 behind, with A♥5♥ and call. Big blind releases.

Flop is K♣ 7♥ 4♥.

I'm going to get clever here. Check.

Cut-off makes 150 to go.

I think I have 9 or 12 outs and significant fold equity.

I raise over the top 310 more to 460.

Cut-off thinks for a few seconds and then pushes, effectively a 1270 raise since he has me covered.

I know I am behind since I just had my check-raise popped, but am being offered pot odds of 1270 to 1870, or just under 2:3. The range of hands I see as likely to be facing here are:

1) aces, with, just about those odds,
2) slick, lightly worse but pretty close,
3) against KK, 77 or 44, I only have about 3:8,
4) against KQ, I'm still behind but in better shape with 4:5,
5) Against top two I'm 7:13,
6) Against any other two pair I'm a bit better than 2:3.

After review, I think I had basically had a toss up as whether the call was warranted with a slight bias toward a correct call, particularly if you give any possibility at all to him playing any other cards. Factor in the fact that this is 6 minutes in to the tournament and I will either have a huge stack or a free evening, I think I am happy with my call, if not the result. He had aces and I did not find a heart.

Comments welcome.


At Mon Aug 08, 03:22:00 PM 2005, Blogger cantseefade said...

Re-raise was a huge mistake, should have called and seen another card, if he pushes too hard then you dump it and live to fight another day.


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