Saturday, July 30, 2005


Last night my so far short slide continued, albeit not severely thanks to a few donkeys willing to subsidize me. One tough guy with the mandatory tilted Yankees cap liked to accompany his all in raises with pithy comments like "fuck you" (he paid me off twice and kept the night from being really awful).

Hand of the night I think I had no way of avoiding--please comment if you think otherwise. 2nd UTG pokergirl (she talked like a chapter in Supersystem) with a large stack raised 15 preflop over a limper, and we had 2 callers around to me in the small blind with 9♦7♦ and about 375 behind me (prior to this hand, I loved the Persian carpet). The blinds and the UTG called, leaving a 75 pot. Flop came 2♦4♦6♦, which I incorrectly read for awhile as giving me a straight flush draw but correctly read as a flopped and vulnerable flush. I led out 50, the blinds folded and pokergirl made it 200 to go.

Pokergirl was an aggressive player who talked the talk, and at least last night was walking the walk.

I certainly contemplated A♦K♦ or A♦Q♦, but I also saw A♦K♣ or K♦K♣ as strong possibilities. Less likely but considered were sixes or even fours. If she has the flush, I know I'm screwed, but there are too many other hands to put her on and none them warrants giving a free card with the pot already that big. If I call, she's going to continue to fire and I'll be pot committed anyway, so I might as well push to make the draws pay. She had Q♦T♦ and took my stack. Tell me if you see any escape hatches from this hand--after some thinking, I still don't.

Korean ATM celebrated his birth at midnight at the club--Happy birthday bro! 31 is a big one, the last prime number until 37. He also booked a very healthy win including a sweet bluff of a shark. I'd like to think he's been listening and learning to my poker rants, because he played very solidly last night, but it's just that for once he concentrated at the table.

High note of the evening was at the beginning. Adding a 3rd player to the mix did not save Bill, even after we ended up heads up fairly shortly and he had at one point a 100 to 50 chip lead. Mr. 520 soon found himself facing the opposite ratio and, despite facing with the need to get up and attend to other pressing items, refused your truly's generous offer to rebate his buy-in. "You underestimate the non-monetary value of beating you." That value undoubtedly increased when my 97 off successful limp in flopped top pair and a gutter, and 5 minutes of thinking were not enough to get Bill to lay down middle pair with a king kicker.


At Tue Aug 02, 02:33:00 PM 2005, Blogger Evan the Terrible said...

I'm new to your blog (thank Dr. Pauly for the link). Without knowing the blinds and how much you had in your stack I would agree with your post flop play, It is hard to give credit for an over flush on the prflop raiser. Like you said AK, AQ maybe but most likely a pocket pair. Was the push right, you said you were pot commited at the 200 so sure. I think the big mistake IMHO is the call with 7 9s even in the small blind, (was 15 a large raise?) When the flush hits on the flop you will have a hard time to get an over pair with the flush draw to fold especially when up against a bigger stack, and at the point she had two cards to come.

At Tue Aug 02, 07:18:00 PM 2005, Blogger SoxLover said...

I'm not sure I agree with your critique.

I did ask for the advice, so I'll give it some thought.

I just can't see how calling preflop with at least 1:3 odds with 97 suited is a mistake in no limit, and certainly not a big mistake (15 was not a large raise for the table, quite standard actually--keep in mind Aquairium 1-2 is a relatively deep stack max 500 buy-in).

I also wasn't looing for the overpair with a diamond to fold, she was pot committed unless she was not a naked bluff--rather just to make her pay for the cards.

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