Friday, July 22, 2005

Narrowband life

5 days in our temporary digs--no cable modem, no DSL. I've actually gotten a "high-speed" Net Zero dial up account. Having had broadband since 2000, it's quite a shock traveling in the slow lane of the InfoBahn (that's about the last time that word was used too). Now when I click on Full Tilt and it says, found update, downloading, I say ah crap...

Surprisingly, the internet does still work at 56k however. And the fish aren't that fast anyway.

I've been playing a lot of 3-6 razz on FT, plus 2-4 Triple Draw on UltimateBet, each with considerable success. First rule of low-limit low games seems to be: they will pay you off no matter how tightly you play. Playing at these stakes, I've actually paced over 10BB an hour this week.

At the same time, my performance in S&G 50s and 100s has deteroriated. I'm not sure yet how much this is variance and how much this is a drop off in my play, but for the last three weeks or so, I'm definitely down in these whereas I was way up before.

I've also had a run of 4th and 5th place finishes, which I find far more frustrating than 9th place bust outs. Last night was particularly annoying as I went out in 5th and did not enjoy the commentary:

5 handed 100-200 blinds, AJs UTG, 3000 behind me, raised to 600. Folded around to the big blind with 4000 behind him, who calls. Flop came A23 rainbow. BB raised to 500, I reraised to 1500, he went all in. I figured I might have run into a set or a bigger ace, but with a genormous pot and more than 2/3s of my chips already in there, I felt pot committed and called. Imagine my surprise when he showed up 45o, leaving me a 30-1 dog.

Ok, shit happens, but did he have to say "that will teach you to raise my blind."


The guy actually thought it was a great play. Pre-flop, against my actual hand he was a 13-7 dog, and against any overpair he would have been a 4-1 dog. Steaming, I tapped the glass hard (I know, I know). He was ready for my attack.

"I could have gotten away from it easy if I missed."

Duh. Of course you could have since your hand SUCKED. Obviously, flopping the nuts with an ace on board is highly plus EV, but sheesh, you're going to miss most of the time for 10% of your stack and worse yet, what you do when you flop middle or bottom pair? Am I missing something here?

At least the Sox have perked up, reducing the volume of Roosterspam I've been receiving.


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