Sunday, July 10, 2005

Donkeys Suck You Out at the 200+15 too!

500K guaranteed, top 270 pay.

Blinds were up to 800 with 50 antes, my stack was just under 9k, average stack at 13k, very loose agg with 28k who raised 2nd UTG basically every time (I know I was in the BB each time he did it) stealing round after round, did his thing with a 2400 opener. I look down and see AJo and decided it was about as good as any time to make a stand and popped him all in (I was heading for the bubble otherwise). He waited about 30 seconds and called me. With 34. Soooooted. Yes, that's right, he called 1/4 of his remaining stack with 34 soooooooooooooted. Did I tell you I was playing 15% of hands? And here was the board in order:

Flop: 5c Qh 8h
Turn: Ad
River: Th

Guess what suit his cards were?

Out 486th of 2922.


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