Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Just so it doesn't sound like I only report victories, last night I dropped 335 in sit and go tourneys at Stars (a 50+5, a 55+5 turbo, and depressingly, 2 100+5 head's ups). I mitigated this a little bit with a 40 up session of razz at the 1-2 table (refuge for the wounded) at Full Tilt.

With that ugly lead-in out of the way, tonight I rebounded in a 105+9 turbo:

Here I was at the cash:

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Then in the key hand (I raised pre flop and then all in on the flop):

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It was done there, but I was compelled to call for 125 my oppo's pre-flop all in on the next hand. The flop came rather pro-Sox:

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