Friday, June 17, 2005

Pre AC Prep

I'm back down to AC this weekend, hopefully meeting up with FTrain and some other bloggers. If this comes off, this will be my first intro to any blogger I didn't know in law school--and that sample size = 1.

Plan has been to clean the place a bit: wife's still out of town but friend of wife will be feeding the cats and it really got kind of bad in two weeks of temporary wifelessness, hit the road in the early afternoon before the Jersey Shore traffic. Booked room at the Trop on the Friday night rate, Saturday is still in the air, meet up with said bloggers if they don't cancel.

I understand there was a death somewhere in a blogger family that will significantly cut attendence. This is in addition to Iggy's awful post, which sadly reminds me of a distant 21 year-old cousin of mine who died in a car crash five years ago with his girfriend 2 weeks after graduating college, an entire branch of my family remains devasted (he was an only child). This stuff really, really sucks and I offer my condolences for what they're worth since none of the involved know me.

I was going to write about some hands I played this morning as a warm up but realize I really can't seguay from these tragedies back to poker. Another time.


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