Friday, July 29, 2005

Ego Check

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Complete maniac at the club was in particularly aggressive all in on any two cards mode last night. I knew my top pair, queen of clubs kicker was good on a J86 all clubs board when I raised a 60 pot 35 around to maniac, who went all-in with 300 more (really, he was doing this when he hit ANY part of any board). Last two cards were 7 then 5, no clubs. Maniac flipped an 8 of clubs, bemoaning his fate, and then after the dealer had began to push the pot to me belatedly realized his other card was a 9. He had me covered. Emotionally, that's about the worst way to be sucked out insofar as I had went immediately from the relief of having my good call hold up to watching this psycho stacking my chips.

After my suckout, Scott, sitting on my left at the same table noted that he wouldn't play just against one player, even if that player was allergic to money, but would continue to play the table. I think Scott is smarter than me. I had it in for the guy and thus was in store for more punishment.

It came a few orbits later when I, with A5 spades, tried to push him off a hand with an all-in 300 reraise over the top of nutjob's 50 bet into a 75 pot A-T-3 flop (two clubs and 1 spade) and got called and busted with his Ac 8s. As he called, he said he knew his ace was smaller than mine--if this was true, he called a 300 bet to win 425 thinking he had 3 outs and a backdoor. If anything, that fact makes me think I was even stupider than the results imply (and that's pretty stupid).

I really, really wanted a piece of this guy and ended up giving him a few more hundred.

Lesson 1: control tilt or get up from the table.

Lesson 2: money won or lost to one player exactly equals money won or lost to another player.


At Fri Jul 29, 03:54:00 PM 2005, Blogger War said...

If this is the same player I'm thinking about, I went batty myself a few days ago thanks to his presence and ended up making an absolute donkey play that cost me all my money.


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