Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Road Trip and Late Props to the Korean ATM

Mrs. Soxlover and I will be hitting the road this Friday, on a Midwestern road trip to visit friend's and family from New York to Chicago will of course hit a few card rooms. I am also scheduled to meet with two blogger's along the way, somewhat sick bastard Bobby Bracelet and the infamous Iggy (PartyPoker bonus code Iggy). I've already met Bobby but I especially look forward to towering over the dwarf housewife.

I have been running pretty cold as of late, and thus am pretty glad to get out of town.

Overdue shout out to the Korean ATM , who's money-spewing days seem at least temporarily over. He's on a hit streak, including last Friday night taking down the 30 person rebuy tournament at the new club I've relocated to following Aquarium's change in ownership. There were several notable hands that I witnessed while sweating him (I was knocked out with cracked aces 10 minutes after the rebuy period).

First hand I saw only the end at the other side of the table (I was jumping back in forth from a cash game until the ATM got near the bubble), the ATM laid down in face of a moderate reraise and the player showed me his cards--quad 8s.

Second hand, following several unlucky attempts with the second biggest stack to pickoff the short stack with calls ahead (the giant stack at the time was not doing his job, folding hand after hand as the blinds increased), the ATM became the short stack exactly on the bubble. He made a Harrington endorsed low-M push UTG with 55. This time the big stack decided he had to do his duty and called him--fortunately, the man had A5o and the ATM doubled through.

Last big hand involved several reraises between the ATM and the (somewhat reduced) big stack with a very frightening three heart, jack high board and the ATM's foe very much representing the flush. On the river, the big stack made a large bet in the dark. A three on the board paired. Suspicious of this bet (why would you do this if you actually had a flush?), the ATM showed more courage than I think I would have and called him with QJ and took down a huge pot. Shortly thereafter, the 4th player was eliminated and the ATM, with half the chips on the board versus two equal stacks, chopped 800-600-600 (the prize structure was 1000-600-400-100). I, having suffered further losses at the cash game, invited myself to the ATM's midnight victory dinner on him--Korean food of course!

Nutshell review of new club: nice place, less nice than Aquarium, nice owner, not quite as nice as Bill, plenty of players, at least past 7, 1-2 NL 500, 5-5 NL 1000, 10-20L with kill; claim they will spread 4-8L two nights a week, but cost for that is 4/per 1/2hour, a little steep for 4-8 IMNVHO. Sorry--please do not ask for the location unless I know you.

FYI--New ownership at Aquarium blast e-mailed they are reopening next week with a free roll for a plasma TV (well, 25 door charge so the free roll claim is dubious, but there will be food served). I'm not ready to head back there myself as I'm still in mourning.


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