Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bit of Light

At the risk of jinxing myself, since my gloom and doom post awhile back I've been running decently online.

After casting some suckout magic on BadBlood to salvage a bad weekend I booked several small but steady wins this week, with only one losing day and that only 10 cents if you can believe it. Not a huge rush as I haven't had a huge day but it sure beats losing.

Last night we had a blogger IM shot fest.

First, after getting sucked out on by Veneno in a quick $5 heads up, I got into an epic four round heads up session with Jordan. He sucked out on me brutally in match 1, crippling me and setting me up for a loss. In match 2, we played and he beat me. In match 3, he two outed me to avoid death on one hand, on the next flopped a straight with A5 versus my AA but lost when I resucked on him for a boat. I took him out on the next hand.

Jordan all the while was chatting a mile a minute, smack talking trying to tilt me. Weird thing is, heads-up I think I play better when I get angry. I'm not necessarily stupid angry--I really don't want to give the other guy the satisfaction of winning--so I bear down and focus. That's what happened as for our final match, we doubled the stakes. It was the longest match we had and it went back and forth several times till I felted the punk.

Then we all got really wasted. It was a blast, feauturing, among many other things, Veneno's mango-Tequila (I kid you not) induced technicolor yawn--boot and rally!

We ended up in a long session playing 0.10-0.25 donk NL with $25 buyins. I got smacked with the deck and at one point had over $125 on that table. I gave some of it back when Waffles, who loves to call my all-in raises no matter what, called my all-in raise which I for some reason made for once against him without a hand (rum may have been involved in the calculation). Then I went all in on an uncoordinated flop with aces (a wee overbet) and TraumaPoker was happy enough to have hit his set. So I was down to 75 and called it a night.

This morning started out awfully as in a UB tourney, I flopped the nut straight and busted out when the river boated my opponents ducks. Then I played a 50 NL cash game on Full Tilt and had my bullets cracked by Q8 a turned two pair who called from the small blind a pot sized bet and a pot sized bet on the flop. Lost that buyin and another and was plenty annoyed. Decided for some stupid reason to join Drizz and Weak Player at a $200 Omaha H/L Pot Limit game. This is not a game I play a lot. It worked out as I got my money in with the worst of it against a maniac and nearly doubled up. He rebought and kept on talking small pots to Weak and handing them to me. Then, while playing, the UB tourney I was playing before that Weak was still in froze up and we all had our money refunded. Sweet!

Took off the rest of the day for errands, came back and score 4th out of 45th in a blogger flooded S&G (busting out Trauma with king eight--he was steaming) but avoiding winning when my hand of death Hilton Sisters got cracked by QT played by a total tool.

Veneno just busted me out of the last minute moved SirOldMan's TiltFest from Tilt to Stars following Tilt's crashola. I made a jackass call in the big blind when she limped on the small blind with A8 and the flop was AT6 with me holding a crappy ten. It was a bad call since even if I can't put her on an ace with the insane overbet she made, I certainly could have put her on a better ten. Oh well, once again, I'll have to watch my wife play on without me.


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