Monday, February 27, 2006

Fish's eye view of a suckout

The weekend began so so for me.

I managed to win a few heads up matches (but not against the Poison) and a few small sit and goes to basically tread water in monetary terms, but the frustration level built as I kept going deep in tourneys and getting knocked out on the bubble in various painful ways--I re-raised all in big with blinds large with JJ called by AJ ace flops to go out in a 3 table, I lasted through 1000 players and 4 and half hours in a Stars deepstack reraising 22 with AK for more than half his chips, he calls and slick no good and I bubble, I raise preflop with KK in cutoff smooth called by button and flop is jack high on Full Tilt doublestack after 2 hours, all chips in and kings no good as he has JJ.

So I decided to go back to playing some cash games, 100 NL on tilt to be exact (great site, click the banner on right please).

Started early in the evening with a few full ring tables, used a little table selection to keep one table after trying 3, got up half a buy-in, took a couple of beats, logged a small win and went to watch Anchorman with Mrs. Soxlover (Go fuck yourself, San Diego). Wasn't really planning to play anymore, but at 10:45, sat down on the computer so see what was going on with Fluxer, who was in the middle of a roller coaster weekend. Lo and behold he had another big stack at the six max, though the truth came out that it was the result of multiple buy-ins so he was slightly down at that table.

But what made it really interesting was that BadBlood was sitting immediately to his right. I dove into the chat box and soon determined that neither knew the other was a blogger. I wonder what Blood thought of Flux, since they only thing they in common on the poker tables as I can see is aggression. Whereas Blood is I think the classic TAG (=tight aggressive Dad) and not someone I'd generally recommend trifling with (except when you do, read on below), Flux is the of the FPAG variety (=freaking psycho aggressive), raising with a third of his hands and relying on instinctive post-flop play.

When Flux is on, he's terrifying and gets paid off big. When the cards go wrong, well, bad things happen--I'll let Flux tell his own story.

Anyhow, here's how a fish, Fishiswa to be exact, thinks when he sucks out on a player:

Six players on the table, hero-fish has recently sat down and has 95 or so on button, TAG small blind with 200 or so, PSAG big blind with 300, angry rock with 200 and 2 tight-weaks with small stacks filling up the rest of the table.

Cutoff limps, hero-fish looks down and sees T7 spades. First fishy thought: SOOTED!!!

Hero fish raises pot to 4.50. I got the button!.

Small blind BadBlood makes it 9.00 go. N

Non-fishy thought: ruh roh, Mr. Blood has a hand.--he reraised way out of position.

Fishy afterthought: hmmm, maybe I can get paid off!

Folds around to me. Call.

Flop is 4 5 6, two diamonds, one spade. BadBlood bets out pot.

First non-fishy thought: OK, he really has an overpair, I'm behind.

But I got an open ended straight draw.


I got outs!

Maybe he's got JJ and I can make him lay it down thinking I hit a set or have QQ.

I got fold equity!

Hero fish makes it 65 to go.

How you like that you speed metal freak!

BadBlood raises all in.


I guess he likes it.

Well, it's only 21 to call, I know I'm behind, but I'm pot committed.

I can feel it coming.

(Actually, this part is not true, I did not feel it coming.)

Turn is a 3 of spades.

He's drawing dead.

Well, Mr. Blood, as you well know, you played your aces correctly and the fish got lucky.

Thank heavens.

Epilogue: things worked out for Blood in the end as he got aces again the next orbit, played them right again and Flux failed to crack him.


At Mon Feb 27, 11:36:00 AM 2006, Blogger BadBlood said...

Even after that suckout, ya got your damn link! ;)

Good playing with you guys, and I'm glad I know who each of you are on FullTilt now. Real glad.

At Mon Feb 27, 11:43:00 AM 2006, Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Hehehe. Hilarious - I love that Flux and BadBlood didn't know each other.

That is also a very accurate description of Flux's play. The guy is amazing.

At Mon Feb 27, 01:22:00 PM 2006, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I wish you had invited me! That would have been fun to watch!


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