Friday, February 24, 2006

Post in the void

My posting has become less frequently and I'm feeling guilty since I accepted Full Tilt sponsorship. So here I go.

Honestly, it's because poker has been beating on me. For awhile. Like a redheaded stepchild.

I'm trying unsuccessfully not to whine about it too much because who wants to read that. But I really don't have much good to say about it.

This month looks to be one of my worst, with a significant live loss for the first time in awhile--two bad beats and card deadness leading to some tilty crap play that made a bad session worse--adding to my now seemingly regular internet woes (notwithstanding a 4th place finish in the DADI heads up tourney last week).

January was an up month overall, mostly because of a live tourney cash and a few good nights at Doubletake before it got taken down, but online losses really limited how good it was.

December was slightly up, with another live tourney cash mitigating online losses and a slightly down WPBT trip.

November and October really sucked.

September was the last month that I truly feel I kicked ass, with a live tourney 1st, several good live cash game sessions and even an internet profit.

August was my worst month ever.

June and July were both great.

So basically, the first two months of this blog had me running red hot, and then for the past six months I have had 3 very poor months, 2 luke warm months and one hot one.

Sadly, my hourly win rate since I've been keeping records is down to about 54 cents. Furhermore, my best source of big upswings, live medium buy-in tourneys ($100-300), has dried up in New York as the clubs that still spread games are more and more sticking to cash games.

Anyway, that's all a bummer.

On the bright side, real life is going pretty well, with my job actually not sucking too much lately and a good possibility I'll get a temporary transfer to London for a year or so, which is nice since Mrs. Soxlover will be doing field research for her PhD in Romania for several stretches next year and London is a hell of a lot closer than New York (yeah, I know New Jersey).


At Fri Mar 03, 02:27:00 PM 2006, Blogger Weak Player said...

Don't feel quilty. Take it from me. In addition to having bad runs, I have been really pre-occupied lately. It happens. I think you said something about not taking it too seriously.....

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