Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WPBT Report First Day


I flew in after working a half-day at home (thank you kind boss for agreeing to that). Knowing sleep would be at a (massive) premium once I got to sin city, I popped an Ambien and slept the whole 5 hour flight (I think I'll do this every time).

Hit Excal, dropped off my bags and found Chili at the bizarre 1-3 NL they spread, and then DonkeyPuncher, the first bloggers I met for the weekend. First quote from DP: “I am not making any prop bets with you”. Wonder what he could be talking about? Didn’t really stop him as I took yellow on the first wheel spin for a dollar. But after amazingly getting back to even a half hour later, he even more amazingly refused me any further action. Go figure.

A long run of bloggers then went through the card room, highlights definitely including Mr. Can’t Hang’s unsurprising surprise visit. Also, I didn’t know it at the time, but I met for the first time (ok I probably met him in December, but who knows) StatikKling, who I must say is one of my new favorites, who is funny as hell and seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Also great was final meeting face to face Louddownunder and Kat.

Took a break from the poker up a tiny nip from my first session to have a few {cough} socos with Al and the whole crew. Had the world’s most toxic chili dog. Had a few {cough} more socos. Joined 2-4 blogger limit game prepared to donk off significant cash, given (a) I don’t play limit, (b) I was slightly {cough} inebriated, (c) this was a blogger table and (d) I don’t play limit.

So of course the deck exploded on me and I was up more than 100 in no time in multiway capped pots. Madness and variance seemingly caught up with me as I ended up back down. After a small rebound, I noticed that a 1-3NL table had become another blogger table, or at least 50% blogger. What could be a better idea than tossing a few {cough} down and playing no limit with Bill Rini, Joe Speaker, Dan Mikulski of Pokerrati and a few others that frankly blur? As Weak Player might say, good times.

This was not a table for the faint of heart. After trying a few Sox little bully moves and getting beaten down like a red-headed stepchild down to 130, I decided to try the Sox big bully moves. In second position, I raise it up to 15. 2 callers, someone chatty (forgot who, sorry), and Bill Rini in the big blind.

AQ5 all heart flop.

Mr. Rini opens for 25.

Fuck it, I’m all in for 105 more.

Chatty on the button pauses for a LONG time, says “JJ or QQ, I fold”.

Mr. Rini waits, well, not so long before mucking.

“BOOYA” says Sox, flipping over a heartless jack hammer (damn that was stupid drunk fun).

A few hands later, 66 in mp, RAZU to 15!

Get two callers, Dan Michalski and (I think) Bill Rini. Flop is 778 and I’m actually thinking I’m good.

I bet 25 and both the boys come along for the ride. I am pretty sure my hand is good here.

Turn is an ace. I actually like that card, it gives me gusto to push out draws and I really don’t see either one of those guys with an ace here. So with 120 in the pot and 120 or so behind, I push.

Holy shit Dan called me! Fairly quickly too.

I am so FUCKED. He must have an ace or a sorta-over pair. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a 6.

River is 6!!!

I so sucked out.

Or did I?

6 made Dan a straight.

Yep. He called me with a 9T draw on a paired board.


Wish I had like 500 more behind since as most people realize, a boat beats a straight.

That was it for Thursday night poker—if you count Thursday night as ending say around 5:00 am PST. If you count the fact that we then went back to the bar, and then decided to play the 10:00 am at Binion’s, well that’s another post.


At Fri Sep 29, 12:54:00 AM 2006, Anonymous dan m said...

yikes, this post is hard to read. i'll claim drunk for now.


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