Monday, September 19, 2005

Leaving on Jet Plane

Waiting in American Airlines Admiral Club for my redeye to London. One of the last U.S. carriers not to be in Chapter 11. Perhaps it's because they charge $8.25 for a day old ham sandwich.

Anyhoo, between work ending and taking off for JFK, I checked out a brand new club that the Korean ATM and FTrain clued me into that opened last Wednesday. Very nice place and dangerously close to my office.

The decor was as classy as anything I've seen in the city except for Aquarium. The tables are nicer, felt middle with teak chip area and built in drinkholders, seating 10 comfortably. The place is very well lit with the now obligatory plasmas in several locations. The smoking room is upstairs and genuinely sealed off in a loft area, a plus for smokers and non-smokers alike. The chips are awesome, metal inset and better than most casinos.

Pretty much the same faces as I've seen in other NY clubs as floor and dealers.

The owner surprised me in being someone who I've played with at Aquarium and identified as a major fish. Upon reflection, it's possible he plays that way at 1-2 because it's below his serious play level. Alternately, he may just be a really juicy fish.

Bad news is they charge 5 per push for 1-2-500, rather than the standard NY 4. Good news, at least for first shot, is the action is INSANE.

People only bought in with 2-3 hundred, and I figured I'd go with the flow with only a few hours to kill and got 200 myself.

We started out shorthanded with 6 and had two all-ins (one called) on the first orbit. I managed to duck and dodge up to about 250 as the table got up to 7 players when a very interesting hand occurred.

I was in the small blind and UTG, who had not displayed exceptional looseness, made it 15 to go. After 2nd UTG, owner, who had, called and by the time it got to me 3 other players had called before me. I looked down and saw 99--of course I called, but I had a premonition of doom as the big blind called behind me and we were heading for a massive pot.

The flop came down 678 rainbow.

This hand was going to cost me or make me a mint.

UTG wasted no time with the 90 pot, raising it immediately to 190. It folded around to a very short stack two seats on my right, who called all in with 32. From there it was a math problem. I figured it was unlikely that I had the best hand, but reasonably likely that I had 10 good outs. I knew I was effectively risking my whole stack (or 125 of 150 as UTG was slightly smaller than me). It seemed a pretty good call of 100 to win 232, which is a good call for 10 outs with 2 cards to come, but upon reflection it was really 225 to win 357 since he was pretty sure to push on the turn come what may if he had the overpair he was representing, which was just about perfectly marginal given the likely odds. It was probably less than marginal when I factor in the all in player.

I called. Turn was a ten, and my straight beat UTG's AA and the short stack's flopped set of sixes. I was feeling triumphant but now think I may have made a slightly bad call. It was not a major error but I think math says I got lucky. Anyway, my bankroll for London appreciates it.

Flight will be boarding shortly.


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