Sunday, September 18, 2005


Not much to post about--I haven't had time for live poker since last week. We have been moving back into our place as our rennovations now provide for a functional kitchen and bathroom--functional not finished. Plus the other bathroom is only at the gutted hole stage so we have a good while to go. We also spent a whole day yesterday cleaning, packing and unpacking; it's amazing how much dust construction creates. It is starting to come together though.

Some more of that today, but I should be able to catch the whole Pats game.

Work is sending me to London this week, which is normally something I'd be stoked about. Well, I'm still stoked, but it would have been cool to go down to Philly with FTrain to meet some of the luminaries at the boathouse next weekend. At least Vegas is looking pretty good for December. Anyway, I hope at least one night to check out some poker at the Victoria or a London club I've read about, the Gutshot.

I continue my role as Sisyphus online as every time I climb toward zero for the year I fall back down a bit. Posts are likely to remain thin until next week.


At Wed Sep 21, 03:56:00 PM 2005, Blogger whoatemyfood said...

Wassup Soxlover, just an FYI. Be sure to check out the Hard Rock Hotel in London. You just gotta sign up 1 day b4 as a member but after that your set. London has some really nice play. Unlike your Windsor trip, you'll find the FX going the other way, so be-careful when you bet that pot in Omaha. LOL.


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