Friday, May 12, 2006

A Really Good Day

When I tell Mrs. SoxLover it was a really good day, she knows that means two things.

1. The Red Sox won.
2. The Yankess lost.

So yesterday was a really good day. Better than just that however. See, we both were attending a small live tourney with a few bloggers and half of Brooklyn's young Russian poker playing community graciously graciously hosted by the gals at I Had Outs.

We had two tables full of players, pizza and beer. And a nice big plasma game with the Sox-Yankess game on, and a smattering of diehard Yankees fans there to enjoy the friendly rivalry (bah), including one at my very own table who fortunately forgot to sing. Only thing better than a Sox come-fro- behind-victory at Yankee Stadium is having it happen while watching the game playing poker with a bunch of New York's finest fans (yes, we had Mets fans there too).

Only thing better than that is doing it and having both your humble narrator and Mrs. SoxLover cash.

Other highlights:

Having FTrain announce his perfect reads on me to the table while he was not in the hand.

Hitting my gutshot early (yes Charles, I raised a gutshot) and getting paid off by Karol's brother, who was a force at the table against whom I was happy to have position for most of the evening.

Check raising my own wife. Boy was she angry. But the table didn't know what I did, which was she wasn't angry at me, she was angry at herself since she had read me like a book and ignored her read. This was the only mistake I saw her make all night.

Having KK hold up against 68 suited.

We ended up chopping 6 ways rather than the planned four places given the late time, but with the 3 rebuy structure, it wasn't not an awful payout notwithstanding. The blinds had gotten pretty high and it was on the verge of becoming a crapshoot anyway.

Thanks Dawn for providing the pad and the equipment (not so much thanks for putting me in my place a few times when I got out of line--well played ma'm).


At Fri May 12, 01:02:00 PM 2006, Blogger Karol said...

Check raising my own wife.

If my boyfriend check-raised me, he'd be soooooooo dead.

Nice to meet you both.

At Fri May 12, 01:26:00 PM 2006, Blogger Gilain said...

The only thing better that is better than a BoSox win, is a BoSox win over the Yankees.

At Fri May 12, 01:39:00 PM 2006, Blogger Dawn Summers said...

oh no he didn't just m'am me

Now, I have to kick your ass!! :)

Thanks for making it out and it was great meeting your wife. Hope to see you guys at a game again.

At Fri May 12, 01:47:00 PM 2006, Blogger F-Train said...

I didn't forget to sing. Ask Dawn. Also, my link is broken.

At Fri May 12, 01:53:00 PM 2006, Blogger Dawn Summers said...

Yah. The kettle totally remembered.

At Fri May 12, 04:54:00 PM 2006, Blogger Charles Star said...

Had I been holding 77 and you Aces, this would have been an entirely different post. In fact it might have been the entire post.

Of course, I only got to that point because I couldn't have read Mrs. Sox any more wrong than I did.


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